Ductless Mini Splits

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Benefits of a Ductless Mini Split

Compact, with a sleek, glossy finish, ductless options deliver an elegant look and premium performance. A unique, triangular design features a wider inlet, allowing more air to be drawn in. Because of the width and angle of its outlet, extra v-blades and larger fan, air is cooled more quickly, delivered faster, and sent further. Our systems eliminate frequent startup and shutdown, uses minimal energy, reduces noise levels, and maintains consistent temperatures. Ductless Mini Split effectively trap dust, airborne contaminants, bacteria, and viruses, protecting the quality of the air you breathe.

Carrier ductless mini vents

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With a wide range of styles and sizes, Carrier ductless models answer any challenge, and offer convenient features, such as smartphone control, sleep mode settings, wireless remote, and timed start/stop. Variable-speed inverter compressor and up to seven fan speeds deliver quiet efficiency that cuts energy costs, maintains optimum comfort, and keeps indoor sound levels as low as twenty-six decibels. Extensive line lengths allow greater flexibility in location, and with a multi-zone option, you can install up to nine multiple style indoor units, supported by just one outdoor, variable-speed compressor unit.

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The compressor is the main component in a mini split system.  A standard rotary or scroll compressor either runs at full capacity or not at all.  An inverter compressor uses only enough power to achieve desired temperature settings.  For example, if the room heats up, and the compressor needs to cool it by a couple of degrees, a standard compressor delivers a full power blast.  An inverter compressor automatically adjusts to run at the optimum, most-efficient speed to reduce room temperature.

Some of the many benefits of an inverter style split system include:

  • Throughout the day, while a standard compressor must turn on and off a substantial number of times, an inverter compressor will turn on, reach the preferred temperature, and then idle at that setting until needed further.
  • Because the inverter compressor does not constantly turn on and off at maximum RPM increases, wear and tear is lessened, and lifespan increased.
  • By using different rotation speed, the inverter compressor conserves energy and operates more quietly.
  • If a drastic temperature change is required, the inverter compressor operates at a much higher RPM speed than a standard compressor, cutting the amount of run time and minimizing energy costs.
  • Research has shown that inverter style ductless systems reduce energy use by as much 70%, when compared to a standard compressor.
  • Inverter compressors enable more precise and consistent temperature control for superior overall comfort.

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