How Humidity Affects Your HVAC System

Matthew HritzNOLA AC BLOG

We know all about the effects of humidity here in Louisiana but did you know that humidity affects HVAC systems? humidity has a major impact on the effectiveness of air conditioning and heating systems. River City Total Maintenance wants to ensure that you get the most out of your HVAC system. Today’s best HVAC Systems may include humidifiers and dehumidifiers that keep relative humidity levels in check. However, if you have an older system, you should keep an eye on your system.

How Humidity Affects Air Conditioning

Air conditioners cool homes by removing heat and moisture from the air. When humidity levels are excessive, they need to work a lot harder. It may unbearable to copy with extreme humidity if your equipment doesn’t have an efficient cooling capacity. Air conditioning systems should be able to remove moisture from the air but in extreme humidity like here in New Orleans, it may not be able to keep up. Just because your air conditioning system is large doesn’t mean that it can effective cool your home. To ensure that you have the best air conditioning system for your home, speak with one of our experienced professionals.

The signs to look out for to indicate high indoor humidity is:

  • Clammy and moist air.
  • Foggy Windows.
  • Musty Odor.

How Humidity Affects Heating Systems

If high humidity causes problems while trying to cool a home, it will most definitely affect the heating system. Humidity levels drop dramatically during the winter outside and inside. They can drop so much that they can make a home feel a lot cooler than it actually is. Even though the humidity drops in the winter, here in New Orleans it doesn’t drop too much. Sometimes that extra humidity can make it feel a lot colder than it actually is.

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