10 Ways to Keep Cool in The Summer in New Orleans

Matthew HritzNOLA AC BLOG

Judging by the amount of people searching for “ac repair me,” we’d be willing to be that this summer is hotter than usual.

During the summer, New Orleans gets insanely hot. Even though River City Total Maintenance is the best company around to help with maximizing the potential of your air-conditioning, you can’t miss the opportunities of fun activities in the summer by just sitting in front of your AC. Here are five ways to stay cool this summer in New Orleans, LA.

Cool Outdoor Seating

New Orleans is a beautiful and unique city, and above many things, it has delicious restaurants. Several restaurants have lovely outdoor seating. During the spring and fall, the outdoor seating is preferred, but in the summer, it can be challenging to enjoy your food in comfort. Many restaurants have installed different types of fans including mist fans to cool off their patios or added shade.


The snowball is a coveted tradition in New Orleans. The sweet icy treat comes in all colors and flavors from ice cream to chocolate. Here in New Orleans, they aren’t always syrup drenched shaved ice: they can feature condensed milk or be stuffed with cheesecake, custard, or ice cream.


When you need a little something extra, have a daiquiri. New Orleans Original Daiquiri is the spot! With so many drive-throughs, you can grab one on the way to your destination, and they even have jello-shots!

Seafood Picnic

Grabbing pounds of crawfish or shrimp and go for an outdoor picnic! Luckily, New Orleans also has plenty of great park destinations such as Audubon Park and City Park.

Audubon Zoo

This is an excellent idea for your kids as well! One of the best attractions ever created for kids is the Audubon Zoo’s Splash Park, Cool Zoo. This features slides, jungle gyms, and water sprouting floors.

Now in June, we have several hot days ahead of us, and with all of these fun ideas, you’re going to need a cool home to come to. If you need some help with your air conditioning in your residential or commercial property: River City’s Total Maintenance.