Happy Halloween from River City Total Maintenance!

Matthew HritzNOLA AC BLOG

Happy Halloween from River City Total Maintenance! In the spirit of Halloween, here are some spooky stories from maintenance technicians themselves. Don’t worry, we won’t scare you too much! River City Total Maintenance will always make sure that you won’t have a HVAC Horror story of your own to tell one day!

Boston Winter Blowout

A proactive homeowner decided to self install and replace a 30 year old heat pump in his Boston condominium before the weather turned cold. He decided to go with the cheaper estimate and noticed that his expensive thermostat had suddenly stopped working. He called the manufacturer of the thermostat and sent the technician immediately. The professional and polite thermostat tech informed the homeowner that the heat pump for which he had paid several thousand dollars, wasn’t even a heat pump. This poor guy had to suffer through one of the coldest Boston winters in history with hot and cold hair blowing out for 3 minute intervals.

The Talcum Powder Tale

This story came from a sales representative for an oil furnace company. One afternoon, he made a house call to a potential new customer who had called to request a price on a new oil furnace. After surveying the house, this man saw an unusually large amount of white powder. The homeowner smiled and said “don’t worry it’s baby powder. It’s safe for babies and i put it everywhere” in an abnormally high pitched voice.

We hope you didn’t scare you too much! River City Total Maintenance has a highly qualified staff that will be honest with our pricing. We don’t serve tricks. We only serve treats! Many people make the mistake of waiting until it’s too cold to get their heating working properly. To get your heating system in tip-top shape before it gets too cold this holiday season, call River City Total Maintenance today!