How to Keep Your Utility Bill Low in The Summer

Matthew HritzNOLA AC BLOG

The New Orleans summer can be brutal, and everyone loves to keep themselves nice and cool. But did you know there are other ways to beat the heat, without your utility bills skyrocketing? Here are some cool tips for the summer.

Make sure your windows are sealed

A lot of people forget this one, but it can be a lifesaver! If your windows aren’t sealed fully or correctly, cold air could be escaping through them and letting in hot air, pollen, or even insects!

Lower the blinds a bit when you aren’t home

Everyone knows that the sun is really hot, but people forget that just having windows won’t block out all the heat. If you’re going out, or aren’t in a room, consider lowering the blinds to block out some of the excess heat from the sunlight, which will help lower the temperature of your home.

Be sure to use your ceiling fan

Fans will help the cold air circulate through your house efficiently and at a low cost, and you’ll notice an enormous change when you have them on with your air conditioning.

Heat rises, so if you can, stay on the lower floors of your house

This will allow you to not need to keep the air conditioning on in the higher rooms of your house as much of the time.

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Stay cool this summer NOLA!