HVAC Maintenance Plan | The Perfect Christmas Gift

Matthew HritzNOLA AC BLOG

Give the gift of an HVAC Maintenance Plan! There are countless reasons to consider purchasing an HVAC maintenance plan for Christmas, but here at River City Total Maintenance, we think we can convince you with just three.

It’s Invaluable

Everyone has received a well-meaning gift from other people that we don’t necessarily need or want. Even though it’s the thought that counts, a thoughtful and practical gift can be the best gift of all. An HVAC maintenance plan is a great way to protect the HVAC system in your loved one’s home. Did you know that with proper maintenance, an air conditioner can last around 14 years?

Many people are switching to buying gifts like subscription boxes as a gift that will last all year long. This gift will last for YEARS to come. It takes the struggle of them remembering and scheduling annual appointments to get their system serviced.

It’s Creative

You may be tired of giving the same gifts to your family every year. Of course, underwear and socks are always nice to get every year, but maybe you should think outside of the box. An HVAC maintenance plan is not a typical gift and will give the recipient peace of mind. This will prevent them from running into emergency situations or risks that are associated with poor conditioned HVAC systems.

It’s Good For Anyone

Whoever the recipient, it will be remarkable. Consider purchasing this as a gift for your loved one who recently opened their first business, bought their first home, or elderly relatives in your family.

Here at River City Total Maintenance, we have seen the best and the worst when it comes to HVAC systems. A neglected HVAC system can cause major problems for your home and your health.

From all of us at RCTM, we hope that you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!